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MLK Association of Asheville
"Our LIVES Begin To End The Day
We Become SILENT About Things That MATTER"
-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Standing Committees & Volunteers

The Prayer Breakfast Committee

The Prayer Breakfast Committee plans and organizes all aspects of the annual event.  Committee members are responsible for assisting with identifying a speaker, logics, identifying the catering menu, selling tickets, and promoting the event.

The Peace March and Rally Committee

The Peace March and Rally Committee plans and organizes the Peace March and Rally that occurs at a local church and ends at the City-County Plaza.  Committee members organize kick-off events which include speakers and music at a local church, as well as organizing the marchers for the short walk to the City-County Plaza and presentations.

The Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for publicizing, advertising, and otherwise promoting the work of the Association through news releases, fliers, posters, and other print and electronic means of communication.

The Celebration Committee

The Celebration Committee organizes, arranges, and otherwise is responsible for planning and carrying out all public events celebrated in conjunction with the official National Holiday honoring the birth of Dr. King. The Treasurer and Secretary of the Board, and such other Directors as shall be appointed by the President, shall serve on the Celebration Committee, and the committee shall include community stakeholders identified by the Board. The Celebration Committee shall appoint such subcommittees as are needed to carry out its responsibilities. The Committee is made up of all subcommittees.

The Candlelight Ceremony Committee

The Candlelight Ceremony Committee plans and organizes all aspects of the annual event that recognizes local adult community leaders for outstanding service to the region.  The responsibilities include selection of committee volunteers, program planning, establishing a nomination and/or selection process, contacting individuals, and program implementation.

The Youth Award Committee

The Youth Award Committee establishes criteria for, review applications for, and recommend to the Directors the names of recipients for such scholarships or fellowships as may be established by the Association.  The Committee appoints, with the concurrence of the President, such subcommittees as are needed to develop programs for and by the region’s youth, including but not limited to the annual Youth Celebration of Dr. King’s legacy.